Student Progression

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Students begin at the rank of candidato - candidate - and must pass a basic safety test before being awarded full membership of the School.

Candidato study the fundamentals of self defence with the sword and buckler.

Once students pass their basic safety test, they are granted the rank of studente - student of the School of the Sword. Studente study the main weapon forms taught by Alfieri, namely the single sword, sword and dagger and sword and cloak. Closing techniques and unarmed combat are introduced.

Students who prove themselves adept with the core weapons of the School are awarded the rank of Laureando - senior student. At this stage students are introduced to more challenging weapons and forms, including new companion weapons, the great sword and advanced single sword play.

After several years of study, students who demonstrate consistent skill with a range of weapons and the ability to apply their skills in free play will graduate to the rank of Spadaccino - swordsman.

Once students reach the rank of Spadaccino, they will study advanced concepts and tactics that apply to the full range of weapons practised.

Students at the rank of Spadaccino would be expected to fight with almost any sword-like weapon in a range of scenarios, against one or more opponents.