Alfieri - The Man

Transcription of Part 2 of Alfieri’s “La Scherma” (1640)

A Case of Swords

The Good, the Bad and the other one…

Some Thoughts on the Mental Aspects of Fencing

The Art and the Science: An Introduction to the Rapier Techniques of Salvator Fabris  (PDF)

Twos Company

A series of training notes from the School’s presentations on the use of the sword with a companion weapon.

(c) The School of the Sword 2009 : The School of the Sword is a Western Martial Arts school providing lessons in sword fighting and Historical European martial arts in Berkshire/Surrey UK

L'Arte Maestra (The Master Art) by Giuseppe Colombani

Translated and transcribed by Piermarco Terminiello

Three Short Chapters from the Anonimo Bolognese

Translated by Piermarco Terminiello

Compendio di Scherma by Gerolamo Christiani

Transcribed by Piermarco Terminiello

Mind Maps

Clickable diagrams of technique progressions, mapped out by Phil Marshall . Requires Java enabled to view.

Fabris Book 1

Fabris Book 2

Alfieri, Full Techniques

Alfieri Short Fight