Historical Fencing and Martial Art Schools


London Longsword Academy

The Sussex Sword Academy

The 1595 Club

Academy of Historic Arts


De Taille Et d'Estoc (FRA) (HEMAC)


Hallebardiers (BEL)

Swarta (BEL)

Art of Mars (GER)

Ars Ensis (Hun) (HEMAC)

School for Historical Fencing Arts (NLD)

Academia Artis Dimicatoriae (SVN)

Asociación Española de Esgrima Antigua (ESP)

Asociación Vizcaína de Esgrima Histórica (ESP)


Order of the Seven Hearts (US)

Academie Duello (CAN)

Bandiera / Flag Waving

Sbandieratori Citta di Firenze

FISb - Federazione Italiana Sbandieratori

Hampshire Flag Company


Darkwood Armory


The Knight Shop

Leon Paul

Allstar Uhlmann UK

Arms & Armor

Albion Europe

Other Sites of Interest

The Pike and Shot Society


Royal Armouries

The Wallace Collection

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(c) The School of the Sword 2009 : The School of the Sword is a Western Martial Arts school providing lessons in sword fighting and Historical European martial arts in Berkshire/Surrey UK