Equipment List, including Safety Checklist

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General points

The following covers equipment requirements for students of the School. If you are a beginner, please consult our FAQs.

All clothing and equipment used for training must fit you correctly and be in good condition. It is your responsibility to check that your equipment will protect you and not interfere with your own or someone else's training. Watches, jewellery, etc. should be removed before training and pockets should be emptied.

For public events the School presents in black wherever possible and wearing the School t-shirt. Jackets should carry the School patch. Remember that you may be photographed at any public event and your dress and equipment needs to be appropriate.


Protective Equipment


Other Equipment

While not required, it may be useful to bring a towel to training and also a bottle of water. Cleaning equipment, such as a duster and/or a metal polish, may be useful for weapons.

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